Yes! Poems and Paintings by Michael Robbins
by Michael Robbins

About the Book

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248 pages, softcover, 31 full color plates.

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advance praise for "Yes!"

"These poems and images leap from the page to touch heart, mind, and soul. From mystic longing to earthy wit, the universe of this work is irreverent, passionate, and alive."

Terry Real
Bestselling author: The New Rules of Marriage

"Michael Robbins’ latest book of poems and paintings is a gift to those who are nourished by the art of spirit. Like sunlight through the trees, this work shines, quietly beautiful and natural. A joy to read!"

Sharon Salzberg, author of Loving-Kindness and Real Happiness

"Yes! Is a full-throated celebration of Being. Michael’s poetry and painting are spiritual embodiment: presence recorded as whole beingness in the world — unsplit, unapologetic, and unabashed in their naked encounter with the fullness of human intimacy, boldness, sensuality, and freedom. Michael has expertly and deftly joined his twin muses in an open and flowing dialogue of depth and sensitivity, humor and candor, exuberance and light."

Jeff Perrot, Artist

"This book is a transmission of a consciousness that seamlessly holds both the deep stillness of luminous emptiness and the fully embodied vitality of a unique and colorful life. In words and images, Michael takes us from the arms of the Divine Beloved to the finite joys and difficulties of loving real people and places. A compelling celebration of the journey of Being and Becoming filled with wisdom, compassion and presence."

Thomas Hubl, author of Sharing the Presence

"Making poems is an act of love, faith – unstinting beauty- and wild truth. Michael Robbins has done a brilliant job of it in YES! Robbins’ work fuses spiritual practice, boho artist, fathering and long married life into laser-light insights of clean, well-crafted language. These are poems of passionate, alert wisdom, deliciously rich in all the important questions. The paintings are juicy, alive...and complement the poems perfectly."

Judyth Hill, Poet

"This book is filled with vulnerability, wisdom, beauty, humor and kindness for our human predicament. A total joy! For those of us wanting to bring more mindful attention to acts and relationships as a source for an illumined life this book is a terrific resource."

Mirabai Bush, Senior Fellow, Center for Contemplative Mind in Society

About the Author
Growing up in an artistic and intellectual home in NYC as the son of a theatre director/spiritual healer and a psychoanalyst/sculptor, Michael lived and breathed a connection between the Arts, healing and spirituality. His first book of poetry, Love Like This, was published in 2005 and his paintings have been exhibited in both the US and Europe. His poems and paintings have also been in several on-line magazines. He has written two book chapters and more than a dozen articles on the integration of systems theory, spiritual practice, body-oriented psychotherapies, creativity and Integral theory.

At the age of 17, Michael had an experience of Awakening with his artistic mentor, Nicolai Abracheff, a Bulgarian artist with connections to the great Russian mystic, P.D. Ouspensky. Digesting and deepening the consciousness that was transmitted to him during this experience has been a central theme of his life. He attended Oberlin College where he majored in Studio Art and Religion and Lesley University where he earned a Masters degree in Counseling Psychology. In his twenties and thirties, he was a student of the late Sufi Master Pir Vilayat Khan and since 1975, he has studied and taught Tai Chi, Qi Gong and Taoist Internal Alchemy under the guidance of several Taoist internal energy arts masters. He is also a student of the Diamond Heart approach of A.H. Almaas.

As a psychotherapist and healer, his interests are wide ranging and include systems theory and practice, Interpersonal Neurobiology, Sensorimotor Psychotherapy, Qi Gong therapy, existential-psychoanalytic psychotherapy, Inner Family Systems, Spiral Dynamics, Integral theory, and a wide variety of body-oriented approaches. In addition to his private practice with individuals, couples, and groups, he teaches and leads workshops in post-graduate programs, for corporations and privately.

He is married to Iku Oseki, an artist and art teacher in a private school in Cambridge. They have a 26 year old daughter that they are enormously proud of who lives in Ithaca, New York. Michael and Iku reside in Somerville, Massachusetts, and often spend summers in the magical city of San Miguel De Allende, Mexico, painting, sculpting and writing. If you would like to find out more about Michael’s work please visit