The Life of a Dog Living in a Cat's World
by Marla Schachtel

About the Book
Author’s Note:
The Life of a Dog Living in a Cat’s World brings to light many of the complex feelings children experience. Learning to get along in a world filled with many variables requires an ability to adapt to change, manage emotions, learn compassion, and feel hope. Personal stories shared with me about children living with Asperger’s inspired me to write this book. Learning about their heightened sensitivity to specific stimuli led me to describe examples of how children could learn to comfort themselves and conquer some of their fears. The need for this book became increasingly apparent when I discovered that most of the available resources on this subject have been directed to parents, teachers, and clinicians, but not to children. It is my sincere hope this story will bring reassurance to all children who read it.

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About the Author
Marla Schachtel is a first-time author who began writing travel diaries during her wild backpacking days ‘way back when.’ Ever passionate about writing as a means of self-expression, she now creates unique greeting cards that include personalized poems—which never fail to elicit tears as well as laughter. Marla enjoys cooking and baking, and eating the tantalizing results with her more-than-willing husband. She has an adored son and daughter-in-law and her current obsession is grandparenting her totally amazing grandson.

About the Illustrator
Bridgette Baggio is a passionate artist and illustrator, skilled at expressing her talents through a variety of mediums. She was honored to be connected to Marla through a great mutual friend, Diane, and thrilled to bring Marla's visions of Duncan and Daisy to life. Bridgette loves coffee, peanut butter, soccer, and staying fit. When she is not working, you’ll find her enjoying time with her close-knit and artistic family, her friends, and her wonderful husband. As Bridgette’s lifelong journey through the arts continues, she is always looking forward to her next project—and is hoping that some of those projects involve bringing more characters to life for children’s stories.